Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

For women, it is a joy to be pregnant. It would be a big help if the mother-to be would know what the early pregnancy signs are. One of the earliest pregnancy signs is that the woman notices that her menstrual period has not come. The first pregnancy signs of delayed menstrual period and weight gain may also cause an alarm for those girls who do not wish to have a baby just yet.

Some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms are nausea, dizziness and vomiting early in the morning. Early signs of pregnancy also include food preference where the woman has a certain food that she wants to eat. Initial signs of pregnancy is the fattening of the woman especially in the tummy area.

Although first signs of pregnancy are hard to confirm, it is best to ask a doctor or even visit the most helpful website for would-be parents, the www.earlypregnancysigns.net.

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