Baby Blankets

New parent want their small baby to be comfortable and safe in the harsh climates. Blankets cuddle the tiny body of the baby and provide warmth. It is a Herculean task to choose a best blanket in respect to quality and comfort as this is going hug the sensitive and most delicate skin of the baby. For this reasons you need to be very calculative and conscious while making a choice.

The newborn babies should be given lightweight and receiving blankets. The lightweight blankets are good to wrap the baby. All mothers know the newborn babies need to swaddle all the time whether it is awake or asleep. The use of the pure cotton breathable blanket can be used. Blankets made of fleece and thermal fabric are also used.

The weave should be tight so that no lose thread come out. The yarn used for making blanket should be non-toxic, the feel should be extremely soft and over all it should be washable.

While choosing a knotted or crocheted blanket, the tassel or little puffballs should be avoided as that could be easily removed by the infant’s sucking or the picking fingers of a toddler .