Pregnancy Signs While Breastfeeding

The breast feeding period reduces a woman’s fertility, yet it is possible to become pregnant while breastfeeding. Once pregnancy is discovered, lactation is possible. When pregnancy and breastfeeding go hand in hand, then special care must be taken.

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy while breastfeeding is the Sore Nipple. The breasts are usually soft and swollen during pregnancy. Pregnancy present during lactation, translates the breast leading to increased sensitivity of the nipple. This makes the nipple extra sore and irritated while nursing, triggering pain and discomfort for many. The only cure for sore nipples is weaning, if the mother continues nursing, the soreness will slowly reduces as the pregnancy progresses.

Pregnancy causes the mother's milk supply to decrease. This is because of new and increased hormones which react to the pregnancy. The milk supply reduces between two to eight weeks after conception and continues throughout pregnancy until birth.

Breast milk not only changes its supply, but the consistency also differs. The taste changes as the milk takes on a colostrum-like composition. The breast milk appears different in appearance, sometimes more watery and less white. These variations do not affect the nutritional value of the milk, but make the baby to wean due to the different taste and texture.

Pregnancy causes many physical changes that impact a mother’s ability to nurse comfortably. Firstly, sore nipples and then the enlarged abdomen. As the uterus grows, comfortable nursing position is more difficult.

Inspite, of these potential discomforts, a healthy determined lactating mom can continue to breastfeed while pregnant if she desires.