Baby Cribs

A crib is the best gift, which parents can give to their child. It need to be most comfortable and cozy as your new born baby is going to spend the initial few years in the crib. Therefore it is very necessary to choose keeping in mind the style finish and quality. You can get a variety of cribs with different styles and designs. Most of them are complimented with matching sections that furnishes the entire nursery.

Cribs are made to cater to the complete comfort of the baby and to suit the different need of the new born. You can make your choice from the canopy cribs, standard cribs and convertible cribs. Canopy cribs are liked by those parents who want to give a classic touch to, their child’s nursery crib .A canopy crib comes with four large posts with metal frames over the top.

Convertible crib is the popular choice of most of the parents as it converts the crib into a toddler bed. These cribs are quite expensive but save your money when you child grow and does not requires a crib anymore. This same crib is converted into a toddler bed and is used for the baby.

Standard cribs come in two types the one with double drop sides and another with single drop sides. The baby can be removed easily by conveniently lowering the crib. The double drop sides are more convenient where as single drop side cribs are more stable.

While making your decision about a crib also look fro the adjustable mattress feature that is essential to adjust the height of the mattress inside the crib that is an essential for child safety as your child grows.