For Mom

After the birth of the child, the new mother has to take care of herself and her baby. One thing is very evident that if the mother is comfortable then she can properly take care of her baby. Therefore it is very essential for a new mother to go for such clothing, which is, cool, and lightweight and off course extremely comfortable. Even there are designer gowns, nursing tops and pajamas that keep the mother at ease and happy.

There is always a special bonding between mother and a baby. With the arrival of the baby, mom’s responsibility is to take care of the baby thoroughly. Keep yourself cool and patient while breast-feeding as baby may take its own time and you may have to sit for long. When you are breastfeeding drink as much water as you can otherwise it may dehydrate your body followed by frequent headaches. Whenever you are feeding your baby-sit with a bottle of water in case you are thirsty you can use it.

Initial days are spent in getting acquainted with the baby. But you need to take out some time for yourself so that you can take care of your baby. While feeding keep your feet up and take some deep breaths to relax. Take a nap or lie down when your baby sleeps as it takes first few weeks’ time to heal your body. If you want more time with your baby as well as rest then don’t let down the help offered to you by your husband, friends and relative as it is necessary.