Tips for the Middle Part of Pregnancy

The middle stage is said to be the most enjoyable period when you start experiencing your baby taking shape in you. This stage may bring new symptoms and the old symptoms may continue in some of them. In the second trimester the uterus grows and the pregnancy is noticeable. The pigmentation occurs on the face or abdomen and fades away after pregnancy. But in any case it continues, the best way is to consult the dermatologist.

Some woman get stretch marks due to the stretching of the skin to avoid stretch marks nourish your skin with good diet, drink lots of fluids and use a stretch mark prevention cream. The uterus and abdomen expands resulting in abdominal and low back pain. Resting and lying down, and applying heat can provide some relief but if the problem continues then better consult the health care provider for help. 

The urge for frequent urination may decrease to some extent as the uterus grows out of the pelvic cavity and thus reducing the pressure on the gall bladder. The body continues to change further as the growth of the baby progresses; you may come find a some vaginal discharge, which is white-colored known as leucorrhoea, which is normal to happen. But if it comes with the traces of blood then it is a sign of generating complications, doctor’s help should be taken immediately.

Constipation, indigestion and heartburn may continue to occur. But proper health care and balanced food and time-to-time check up will be of great help to expecting mothers.