Proper Prenatal Pregnancy Care

A pregnancy consists of three phases or trimesters that are significant milestones. The first trimester is the most fragile period, during which all major organs and systems are formed. During the second and third trimester the fetus is fully formed and grows and matures rapidly. Proper prenatal care ensures optimal chances of having a healthy baby.

A pregnant woman should establish a schedule of prenatal care with the doctor for the duration of her pregnancy. For normal pregnancies without complications, prenatal checks are usually scheduled  every month from 1st week to the 28th week. After this every two weeks from the 29th week to the 36th week. Finally weekly examinations from 37th week until delivery.

This schedule is generally followed and may vary as per personal medical condition. Additional prenatal care may be necessary if there are any pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or blood pressure in the mother or if there is any medical issues with the fetus.

Prenatal care is provided by obstetrician and gynecologist or even perinatologists if required. The goal of prenatal care is to provide the best care for the pregnant woman and the unborn child so as to prepare the mother for the delivery of a healthy baby.