Toys attract the newborn and let him or her develop a perspective towards different shapes, sizes and colors. However all toys are not suitable for your newborn. It is very necessary to select appropriate toys with proper care. The first and the foremost thing which should be taken into consideration is the whether the tot is suitable for your child’s development. When buying toys please look at the recommended age that will make the selection process of toys simple.

When you make a choice of the toy certain instructions will always help you to choose the best and the safest toy for your child. Buy those toys, whose parts are bigger than baby’s mouth, this will avoid the chance of choking. The toy should not be that small which could easily get inside the baby’s mouth.

Buy a lightweight toy easy to handle and play with as the heavy weight toy can harm the baby if falls on him or her. Parents should take out some time and effort in buying good quality safe toys because it is said that toys helps the growth process of a child in its early formative years. Number of toys is flooded in the market, small babies love bathing if water toys are put in the tub along with them. Some toys contribute in developing the child in emotional and physical level. With some toys babies learn hand and eye coordination and stimulation. So the choice remains with the parents.